Posted on Mar 29, 2021

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Why Whole House Surge Protection?

Protecting Lightning Storms – Can You Be Protected?
With the coming of spring, the weather has turned very unpredictable. Some areas of the country are experiencing their first snowfall, while here in Myrtle Beach we are having thunder storms with thunderbolts. Last fall a neighbor’s house was struck by lightning and they suffered damage to several appliances including a TV and their computer. That’s why you need surge protection.
If you are not protected, when thunderbolts hit your home, it actually travels through your home’s electrical system. What is happening is that the lighting is looking for the shortest route to the ground. Not only can it travel through appliances, it can also travel through your plumbing and even through your land line phone.
Because a thunderbolt can travel through these devices, you are often advised to avoid using your computer or phone during a storm. The thunderbolt can travel through the phone into your body and can do your bodily harm in seconds, even death. Yes, people have survived such horror stories, but do you feel that lucky?
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